Business Solutions through Data Science


We aren’t a traditional consultancy or agency.  We’re your new business partner.  We’re ready to roll up our sleeves and help drive your revenues, increase your margins, win new customers, whatever is right for your business and your situation.

Management consultants sell the same thinking to every firm in an industry and rarely worry about implementing their strategies.  Advertising agencies don’t craft solutions to business challenges; they sell advertising services.  Data analysis firms crunch the numbers, but how often do they help understand what it all means?

Paradox Resolution was founded on the premise that there are clients who expect more.  We help our clients with consumer marketing challenges through the creative and practical application of data science.  But the analysis of data is a means, not an end.  Our job is to deliver practical business solutions.

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Welcome to Paradox Resolution

Data analysis often means producing numbers, charts, or algorithms.

At Paradox Resolution, data analysis means producing solutions to our clients’ business challenges.

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